Ww provide 6 months or 1 year free warranty to our customers who receive our service.

Auto Gearbox Specialist Anyauto

Welcome your visit on Anyauto’s Website. Anyauto is a company supplying all vehicle-types’ automatic transmissions and all kinds of parts of transmission to Malaysian markets.

Our items are all transmissions for the vehicles produced by all parts of each transmission, and repaired automatic transmissions.
Currently, Anyauto cooperates with 150 vehicle-repair factories in Korean. Additionally, our company exports and imports all kinds of transmissions and parts.
All staff of Anyauto will take more efforts for the best repair of automatic transmission and the supply of best parts.

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 No 30, Jalan 7/23A, Jalan Genting Kelang,
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, 53300 KL.
Anyauto Sdn Bhd.
 03 4148 1725 / 017 285 4521


    BUSINESS HOURS | MON – SAT : 9:00AM – 6:00PM

    • 03 4148 1725
      017 285 4521

    Our Service

    We specialize in selling and repairing of all types of new and used Auto Gearbox for all car models.
    In-house Korean engineer with more than 20 years experience.
    We provide 6 months or 1 year free warranty to
    our customers who receive our service.

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    Fully equipped Auto Transmission Gearbox

    Solenoid Tester

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Problem With Your Auto Gearbox?

    How to identify auto-transmission problem

    • Car is unable to move forward or backward – Driver sees RPM increasing but no movement of car.
    • Experience Jerking – The car jerks when changing gear from N to D or N to R.
      – The car jerks while driving when gear is shifted.
    • Car is unable to shift to gear 3 – Car feels heavy upon starting or climbing a hill. Gear fails to shift.
    • Enginecut-off – Vibration occurs, engine dies when gear shift from N to D or from N to R.
    • Noisy Sound – Noises occur when car is in operation.
    • Slipping of gear – When gear is shifted, RPM increases excessively without increase in speed.

    How to maintain an auto-transmission vehicle

    • Warm-up before moving off – The engine and the auto transmission are less likely to be damaged when car is sufficiently warmed-up before moving off
    • Care during prolonged stops – If a stop is expected to last more than 2-3 minutes, it is recommended to change gear to N.
      – A long stay in D while stopping causes oil – Stop car on level ground.
    • Check if oil gauge is within the ‘HOT’ zone when car is set at N or P.

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